Blog: Partner Highlights

Hannah Kang, Morrison Planetarium at the California Academy of Sciences
The Morrison Planetarium presenter team at the California Academy of Sciences was fortunate enough to receive the Earth & Space toolkits for 2017 and 2018. Planetarium presenters have featured these demonstrations on our museum floor multiple times, including at our weekly “cocktails and science” NightLife adult events. NISE Net hands-on demonstrations help us address some of the hottest topics in astronomy, from gravitational waves to the possibility of exoplanetary life.
Calvin Uzelmeier, Rochester Museum & Science Center
The late Congresswoman Louise Slaughter was a great friend to the Rochester Museum & Science Center ( RMSC ) and the communities she served in New York’s 25th District. She was also one of the few scientists in Congress, and...
Preston MacDougall, Middle Tennessee State University
Late October has always meant trips to elementary schools to celebrate National Chemistry Week for Preston MacDougall, Professor of Chemistry at Middle Tennessee State University. Beginning with the NISE Network's NanoDays kits, Professor MacDougall has been introducing kids to chemistry and nanoscale science concepts through hands-on activities allowing them to experience many of the properties that are key to technologies they learn to love at an early age.
Lynnsey Childress, Discovery Lab, Tulsa Children's Museum
Discovery Lab in Tulsa, OK is continuing to find new ways to share the Nano exhibition and make museum experiences accessible for all families. In March, Discovery Lab launched a traveling exhibit program for Nano in partnership with The Housing...
Kari Wouk, NC Museum of Natural Sciences
On Saturday, April 28th, the NC Museum of Natural Sciences held the Triangle SciTech Expo, an Official Expo with the North Carolina Science Festival! This annual event brings the wonder and excitement of STEM topics to visitors of all ages....
Christina Leavell
Once upon a time, during an NSF grant now far far away, there was a week-long celebration of all things nanoscience. This celebration was called NanoDays, and the good partners in the kingdom of the NISE Net (then the Nanoscale...
Trish Palao, Montshire Museum of Science
This year, in participation with the science education initiative Frankenstein200, the Montshire Museum of Science’s annual conversation series, Montshire Talks, focused on the 200th anniversary of the publication of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein; or the Modern Prometheus. Through her seminal work, Shelley sparked the imaginations of generations who ponder the necessary balance between progress and ethics.
Jessica Liken, Perot Museum of Nature and Science
The Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, Texas was thrilled to bring Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein back to life just in time to celebrate the groundbreaking novel’s 200th anniversary. On January 26, 2018, approximately 1,500 adults chose to spend...
Suzi Taylor, MSU Academic Technology and Outreach
What started as a six-station gathering in the lobby of a Montana State University academic building has grown into a university-wide event that fills the student union ballrooms and reaches more than 500 members of the community. Montana’s first NanoDays...
Christina Leavell, Science Museum of Minnesota
January 2018 marked the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s creation of science fiction, and the creature that has become a “living” legend. There are countless retellings of the original story that the then only 20-year-old Shelley wrote. The image of the monster is alive and well today in toys, TV, you name it - but what about the science behind this tale and the relevant connections to responsible innovation that still resonate today?